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Rumah di Bandung

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Potential Career Titles

Some Potential Career Titles

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• Consulting Engineer/Design Engineer/Designer.
An Engineer, usually a Professional Engineer, or if early in his or her career, an Engineer-in-Training that designs and specifies building systems, analyses problems, or optimizes conditions, for example. Typically employed by, or owner of, a consulting engineering firm, but also commonly in an A/E (architectural and engineering services) firm.

• Plant/Facilities Engineer.
The owner's management liaison person interacting with architects, contractors, and engineers in the design and construction of remodeling, additions, and new facilities. Manages and develops such programs within the plant as energy conservation, preventative maintenance, and retrofits.

• Sales/Applications Engineer.
Provides technical advice and application of their representative products to the building industry's architects, engineers, and constructors.

• Construction Project Manager.

Manages the construction of a building project. Responsibilities include the scheduling of labor trades, material, and equipment for the most economical and expeditious construction of buildings.

• Construction Estimator.
The estimator is responsible for the takeoff material, type of labor, and equipment, and calculating the cost for the construction project plus preparing the necessary documents for the estimate.

• Structural Engineer.
Analyzes, calculates, and selects systems and components for various structures. Graduates are employed within the building industry, but also in other structural areas. Graduate study, and additional registration exams in structural engineering are recommended and/or required by many registration boards and professional societies.

• Electrical Systems Engineer.
Designs and specifies electrical power, lighting, and communication systems for buildings. Employed in an electrical consulting design office or in electrical design-construction offices. Other responsibilities may be preparing specifications and cost estimates.

• Electrical Utility Engineer.
Coordinates new building construction with building owners, design engineers, and contractors, and educates customers on conservation and cost saving opportunities while optimizing the loads on the utility.

• Building Inspector.
Employed by a public agency.
Responsible for the public interest to inspect building projects for code compliance.

• Fire Safety/Protection Engineer.
Designs various types of fire protection systems within the building. Systems include sprinkler, chemical suppression, smoke control, and detection devices.

• Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Engineer.
Designs the HVAC systems and prepares the specifications.

• Plumbing Engineer.
Designs the potable water, process fluids, and wastewater systems for the buildings.

• Professor/Researcher.
Teaches and performs research and service. Typically requires completion of a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in engineering degree.